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For Fine Chocolate

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It's simple.

Our Company was founded out of our pure love for fine chocolates. However, The Gift of Chocolate is not just about the chocolate.

It is about the experience. It is about personalization and creativity. It is about creating something for a loved one that you can't buy off the shelf.

It is more intimate than that.


Our Story

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Not only have we traveled the world to find the finest of chocolate, which we import directly from Italy, but we have placed that same emphasis on developing our Design Your Gift platform to give you the most options from the type of gift packaging, to over 10 different flavored fillings, down to the color of the foils and ribbon in allowing you to personalize your own chocolate gift.

If you're like us, then you never need to find a reason to satisfy your chocolate craving. There is always an occasion to give The Gift of Chocolate.

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